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Major Publication!

The Big Moon Dig has achieved a significant publication. This is a chapter in a major technical book from a major publisher.

Tom Riley, Chapter 12: Extended Managerial Implications: People and Space in the Twenty-First Century (pages 254-282)

Luisa dall'Acqua and Dickson Lukose,Improving Business Performance Through Effective Managerial Training Initiatives (IGI, 2018)


Big Book Deal!

We now have a signed book contract, again with IGI Global, for a technical book featuring eleven of our short stories supporting detailed technical instructions for their use in education. The book will be called: Narrative Thinking and Storytelling and will be out in the winter of 2018; watch for it.

Three Series of Short Stories:

The stories in the book are in three series of stories. One is on Space exploration in the 21st century, one is on saving Earth's seas, and the last is on saving the Earth's grasslands.

Digger 03 on Virtual Moon

  1. The Big Moon Dig Series:

    Space in the 21st Century is not just a continuation of what we have done before.

    1. "The Big Moon Dig", Short Story

      Twelve people went to the Moon; then we stopped. Maybe it will take the efforts of a million people to get us back.

    2. "Stanford's Digs", Short Story

      In Space, sometimes you need a friend, even if you are a robot - especially if you are a robot -

    3. "Caterpillars on the Moon ", Short Story

      Sometimes you must crawl before you can walk - especially on the Moon.

    Model Ship, Yvette A. Wight

  2. irons Seas Series:

    We must do something to save the Earth's oceans.

    1. The Fid, Short Story

      Sometimes the waters are rising and sometimes you do need to tell someone about it.

    2. "The Cabin Boy's Tale", Short Story

      Sometimes you simply must go to sea, particularly if the sea is coming to you.

    3. "The Captain's Tale", Short Story

      Sometimes you are what you do, the sea does not care. The sea is the sea.

    Inc. Dusty, Dusty, Dustface04

  3. The Herd Series:

    This series is about using the approach of Allan Savory to save the earth's grasslands and contains four short stories.

    1. "The Matriarch", Short Story

      "If you do not change your ways today,

      Then with us you will ride,

      Trying to catch that devil's herd across these endless skies."

      -- Ghost Riders in the Sky

    2. Triceratops, Short Story

      Sometimes we need a lesson out of time. If the lesson is hard enough, we just might learn something.

    3. Seascape, with Sharks, Short Story

      Sometimes working with robots is a problem. Other times it is the people who are the problem.

    4. The Girl at the Pump, Short Story

      Sometimes where you are simply does not suit who you are deep down. Even if the where is where you were born?

Outline of Educational Materials:

The stories will be associated with educational materials: Here are tje first two story education outlines:

SECTION 1: “The Big Moon Dig” Stories

  1. Chapter 1: The concept of a massive Earth-side effort to establish a lunar base. A didactic introduction.
    1. The fiction story: “The Big Moon Dig”
    2. Technical Analysis ...
    3. Didactic analysis ...
    4. Didactic activity ...
    5. Conclusion and proposals
  2. Chapter 2: Can an AI entity be a person?
    1. The fiction story: “Stanford’s Digs”
    2. Technical Analysis ...
    3. Didactic analysis ...
    4. Didactic activity ...
    5. Conclusion and proposals


Example Short Stories free and complete!

Plus three stories very like the stories in our new book that you can down load right now.

  1. "Curse the Salt"

    Here is a complete story about a number of AIs and some decicated people trying to address the problems of people displaced by rising sea levels. It is from the Iron Seas Series.

    Sometimes a problem is so big you can only tackle it with a team.

  2. "Ice Song"

    Here is a complete but very short story about an AI in a dangerous place trying to help its friends. It is from the Herd Series.

    Sometimes you have to take a few chances to help your friends.

  3. "The Lunar Viper"

    Here is a complete story about the first person born on the Moon. It is set in the lunar settlement series built by the MOVE team in our space series. It is from the Big Moon Dig Series.

    In Space, you must grow up fast, or not grow up at all.

  4. "The Dark of the Moon"

    Here is the complete short story about why we must explore space. It is from the Big Moon Dig Series.

    Sometimes you do meet demons in the depths of space; but sometimes that's not such a bad thing, especially if they are your own.

  5. "Cephei's Dragons"

    Plus, Plus! Here is now only a half complete graphic storyboard, but could be a story in our Big Moon Dig Series:

     First panel of Chepei's Dragons
    First Panel of Cephei's Dragons


Hard Square Science Fiction, Vol. 01 on Sale

In the first year of our project we produced an e-book of five science fiction short stories about space exploration in the near future. You can purchase Vol. 01 for only $2.99 either from: in the Kindle edition., or from Smashwords in any of eight common electronic formats.

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