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Major Publication!

The Big Moon Dig has achived a significant publication. This is a chapter in a major technical book from a major publisher.

Tom Riley, Chapter 12: Extended Managerial Implications: People and Space in the Twenty-First Century (pages 254-282)

Luisa dall'Acqua and Dickson Lukose, Improving Business Performance Through Effective Managerial Training Initiatives (IGI, 2018)

Stories of the 21St Century, Now

Stories and FOF's

We now face some of the greatest problems in human history (Global Warning, population peaking, etc.). We need stories of brave people looking our future straight in the eye and we need them now. Where are those stories? Where are our stories?

Three Series of Short Stories:

We are currently developing three series of stories. One is "Space in the 21st"; one is on "Saving the Seas", and the last is on "saving the Earth's grasslands".

    Inc. Dusty, Dusty, Dustface04

  1. Saving the The Grassslands

    Our Third series: The Herd -- This serios is about using the approach of Allan Savory to save the earth's grasslands.

    Two story are complete but you will have to e-mail us for an editor's copy. pdf

    1. "The Matriarch", Short Story

      From The Matriach A few lines from the story:

      When will the herd reach this watering place?" asked Dusty04. The AI's built-in cell phone read only one bar, but the signal was steady.

      "Tomorrow about sunset," replied Abdalla. "They're a thirsty lot already, but they can't smell the water just yet." The sun was hot in a nearly cloudless sky, and both knew that sun was what drove the cattle.

      "This watering hole is in a good state," continued Dusty04, "the batteries are charged, wind and solar are both producing power, the farmer's fields are being opened up now, and the water level in the well is above the minimum required."

      "I will keep the herd rolling," said Abdalla.

    2. Tricertops, Short Story

      Here is the first few line of our new short story, "Tricertops". It is a story about rebuilding the Earth's grasslands.

      "Hello again," said Zane, waving at Dusty04 as it approached down the wellhead path. She had not returned to the village with her mother but had hidden a little off the path waiting for Dusty04 to come by, but also waiting to be sure the elephants had left.

      The path through the bush was dry, with only the single track. Dusty04 was, at its core, an off-road vehicle and simply straddled the one walking path with its four all-terrain tires. Its sides brushed against woody growth on one side and then the other as it passed.

      "Hello to you," replied Dusty04, pulling up and stopping beside her.

      Zane quickly climbed up on Dusty04's flatbed and stood at the front, straddling the wrench, grabbing the handholds built into its electronics box frame. Dusty04 resumed rolling forward but only at a walking pace.

    Model Ship, Yvette A. Wight

  2. Saving the Seas

    Our Second series:

    1. "The Cabin Boy's Tale", Short Story sample

      Here is the first few pages of our new short story, "The Cabin Boy's Tale". It is a story about rebuilding the Earth's oceans. The story is complete but you will have to e-mail us for an editor's copy. pdf

      Here is the FOF for this series: "Iron Sea".

    2. "The Captain's Tale", Short Story sample

      Here is the first few pages of our new short story, "The Captain's Tale". It is a story about figgering out what went wrong with your project goes south. The story is complete but you will have to e-mail us for an editor's copy. pdf

      Here is the FOF for this series: "Iron Sea".

  3. Space in the 21st:

    Space in the 21st Century is not just a continuation of what we have done before.

    1. "The Big Moon Dig"

      Here is a complete copy of our first story in the Big Moon Dig series. This story introduces the idea of using a Massive Online Vetted Expedition (MOVE) to lay the foundation for a lunar settlement. pdf

      "The Big Moon Dig", Field of Our Future

      From The Big Moon Dig story:

      The five members of the Digger03 Shift 1 Team, the Rocky Horror, stood in a group well away from the mass of other players in the stands. On the virtual Moon they were: an Amazon warrior; a wizard; a princess of Mars; a denizen of Sherwood Forest, and Inc. Earnest Three Digger. The member of Robin Hood's ban was the jack?of?all?trades who able to could stand in for any team member in a pinch. Digger03 was the incorporated person robot dump truck who did all the actual work on the real Moon. ...

    2. "Stanford's Digs"

      Here is a complete copy second story in our Big Moon Dig series. This story builds on ideas about super-intelligent AI's and people robots. (First Draft December 2014)

      "Stanford's Digs", Field of Our Future

      From the Stanford's Digs story:

      Candace then switched the display to the Virtual Moon so she could stand beside Digger03 in her full regalia as a plum Princess of Mars. Digger03 automatically transformed into his virtual robot-truck-man vestige and stood quietly beside her. To the Moon's grayness was added lines of color across the surface making out the many trails where Digger03 rolled. In the sky a yellow ribbon marked the Sun's path now showing that it would kiss the south horizon very soon. ...

    3. Plus three stories to continue this idea into the future.

    4. "The Lunar Viper"

      Here is the first two pages of a story about the first person born on the Moon. It is set in the lunar settlement series built by the MOVE team.

      From the Lunar Viper story:

      ... His eye fell on the dragon. It was half a meter of badly blown glass, a thousand glass rods, laser-welded and drawn into a shape. He had spent most of a lunar day making it. It was clearly supposed to be a dragon, but it just was not right. The tail had a kink in it, the larger of the two heads had a sloughed mouth, and the smaller head, with its deformed horns, had already broken off at the neck. He had never bothered to fix it.

      He seized the dragon as if to stop its escape. The dragon and the second head went on his killing ground. ...

    5. "The Dark of the Moon"

      Here is the first two pages of a story about why we must explore space.

      From the Dark of the Moon story:

      ... Suddenly he knew he was free. He was free of this damn job, free of this career. He was free of his fatigue. He was free of his loneliness. He was free of the longings that had led him to this desolate place. He was free of his youth. He was free not to be young anymore. He was free to go home. He was free to stay home, exploit his first-hand knowledge of space, and grow rich and fat. He was now very sure that the standing stone was old, that the sky was black, and that Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ozerov was now a free man. ...

    6. "Cephei's Dragons"

      Here is now only a half complete graphic storyboard, but could be a story in our Big Moon Dig Series:

       First panel of Chepei's Dragons
      First Panel of Cephei's Dragons
  4. Fields of Our Future:

    Our story development process starts with a technical discussions which is explained at: Field of Our Future.

    Here are the Field of Our Future for new stories that we need your help on:

    1. "Iron Seas", FOF

      Here is a Field of Our Future for development into a short stories about seeding the oceans with iron to sequester Carbon Dioxide. pdf

    2. "Masters and Slaves", FOF

      Here is a Field of Our Future for development into a short story about developing Artificial Intelligence. pdf

    3. "God Parents", FOF

      Here is a Field of Our Future for development into a short story about developing new institutions to support child development as we approach the population peak in 2050. pdf

    4. "Other Stories", FOF

      Here are a number of story ideas we would like to work on. See if any of them inspire you.

    5. "Paid Tasks"

      Here are a number of story tasks for which we have budgeted small stipends. See if you would like to claim a prize

  5. Support Materials:

    1. Review Copies

      If you would like review copies of any of these stories in .pdf, please contact us.

    2. Plots for new stories

      If you are a fiction writer and would like to participate in our project, here are some plots suggestions.

      Digger Rover on the virutal Moon
      Digger Rover on the virtual Moon
    3. Young Adult Style

      Our stories and games are written in a style for Young Adults. That is with little sex or violence and no crude language. We find this style choice attractive to students, educators, and sponsors, while it harkens back to the golden age of the science fiction short story between 1930 and 1960.

      Digger Rover in SketchUp
      Digger Rover on the real Moon
    4. Technical Background Development:

      We have only just start the process of developing games based on our short stories as well as writing new ones but we have developed several technical papers detailing the environment we are writing in.

  6. Hard Square Science Fiction, Vol. 01 on Sale

    In the first year of our project we produced an e-book of five science fiction short stories about space exploration in the near future. You can purchase Vol. 01 for only $2.99 either from: in the Kindle edition., or from Smashwords in any of eight common electronic formats.

  7. Please Join our Mailing List

    If you would like to be kept abreast of progress on the Big Moon Dig, or have any input, please complete our little form, or simply e-mail us.

    Tom Riley photograph
    Thanks, Tom Riley

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