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The Big Moon Dig - Return with us now to the Moon as we are preparing the ground for a real lunar settlement through study, simulations, team building, and exploration.

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  3. Social Knowledge Web Site

    Much of our communication will be done through the Social Knowledge (SONO) web site. Please under the Jumppad "Big Moon Dig" for lots of links to related material and discussions.

  4. Hard Square Science Fiction, Vol. 01 on Sale

    In the first year of our project we produced an e-book of five science fiction short stories about space exploration in the near future. You can purchase Vol. 01 for only $2.99 either from: in the Kindle edition., or from Smashwords in any of eight common electronic formats.

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    If you would like to be kept abreast of progress on the Big Moon Dig, or have any input, please fill out our little form above, or simply e-mail us.

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