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  1. Purpose:

    • The Big Moon Dig

      Return to the Moon with us now to prepare the ground for a real lunar settlement through study, simulations, team building, and exploration.

    • Why Stories are important (Video)

    • What we are doing in 100 words:

      The Big Moon Dig is a massive online effort to lay the foundations for a permanent settlement on the Moon through organizing millions of people over the Web to explore possible sites and dig the major trenches needed for radiation protection of the settlers. The movement will utilize videos to build buy-in for the idea, online games to train people, and open source efforts to design the needed equipment. When we have demonstrated that millions of people are committed the revival of human space exploration, then and only then, will we find the resources to send new hardware to the Moon.

    • Why in two simple questions:

      It is 2050. The human population of Earth has peaked at 10 billion and is now poised to fall to some as yet unknown sustainable level. The environment is clearly heavily stressed with global warming and sea level rise both evident. The production of many industrial commodities, like oil and copper, has peaked and is now in decline.

      • Question: What then is our greatest resource?
      • Answer: Our ten billion people!
      • Question: Why go back to the Moon?
      • Answer: To rediscover a positive vision of our future!

    But, if all that is a bit to heavy for you, then let's just go back to the Moon for the fun of it.

  2. Why and What Essays:

    If you want people to join your great adventure, then you need to tell them both what you propose to do and why you are doing it. What's more you should make these things clear right up front.

    Digger Rover on the virutal Moon
    Digger Rover on the virtual Moon
  3. Stories in Work:

    Once you waited till the deed was done before you told the tale. No more. Now you tell the tale and if, and only if, enough people listen, then you will get the resources you need for your great adventure.

  4. Games in Work:

    Long technical talks about the needed resources and logistics for a great adventure are just plain boring. Instead let's make the whole process one big game. Starting Now!

  5. Picture Gallery:

    Often pictures will get your idea across much more effectively than words.

    Hard Squared Science Fiction
    Hard Squared Science Fiction
  6. Hard Square Science Fiction, Vol. 01 on Sale

    In the first year of our project we produced an e-book of five science fiction short stories about space exploration in the near future. You can purchase Vol. 01 for only $2.99 either from: in the Kindle edition., or from Smashwords in any of eight common electronic formats.

  7. Contact Us

    If you would like to know more about our project or need a review copy of Vol. 01 or have any input, please contact us.

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