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Buy-In for Earth

What we are doing in few words:

"Buy-In for Earth" is a Watson App that supports buy-in for a massive and sustained effort on the great problems of the 21st Century and thereby supports building a sustainable Earth. It uses the latest information on how the human brain works and combines that with a powerful machine intelligence.

IBM Watson Challenge

  1. Watson Contest site

    One way to build our idea is to enter high tech contest. This one is for uses for the big Artificial Intelligence from IBM called Watson.

  2. Watson Contest Program Design Document(PDD)

    Significant software, even a rapid prototype, deserves a real design effort. pdf

  3. Github Repository

    Here are all the bits and bobs we used to build the prototype.

  4. Runable Watson App Prototype

    We quickly through together something that you can run.

  5. References

    Here is a master list of all the references used for this and our related projects. pdf

  6. "Buy-In for Earth", Contest Entry Video (MP4)

    Video text pdf


  7. 3. Please Join our Mailing List

    If you would like to be kept abreast of progress on the Big Moon Dig, or have any input, please complete our little form, or simply e-mail us.

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    Thanks, Tom Riley
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