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~~ Our novel, Climate of Revenge by Tom Riley, is now available on iUniverse Books, Amazon Books and most other book sellers in both ebook and paperback forms. ~~

What we need now is a few sales and short, good reviews.

Amazon for <i>Climate of Revenge</i>

This novel's plot can be described in one paragraph:

Our heroes, Sarah and JanetM, are a human/AI pair who do private investigations in a near future where our climate crisis has hit and hit hard. A man with a long dark history first tries to hire them, but then is killed. His family hires our team to find who killed this man with a thousand enemies in a land with a thousand problems. Can they track down the killer? What does this crime mean in our struggling world? Can the solution help us find our way to a sustainable society?

Amazon for <i>Climate of Revenge</i>

IPPC and Fiction

The IPCC report, "Climate Change 2022, Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability", released April 2022, contains this section in the summary:

C5.3 Enhancing knowledge A wide range of … processes … can deepen climate knowledge and sharing, including … using the arts … (high confidence).

This can only be read as a clarion call for writers to produce the works that will help people cope. A Climate of Revenge, by Tom Riley, picks up that challenge. This book is set in the near future after our climate crisis has hit hard and depicts the many ways that people have adapted and are facing the problems with determination and courage. Its characters are people in action in challenging times, but they are not defeated. This story is not doom and glume, it is about effective action in the face of adversity. This is a story for our times.


Related Short stories

A related book of short stories by the author can be found at: Tom Riley, Luisa dall'Acqua. (2019), (IGI Global, 2019) Narrative Thinking and Storytelling for Problem Solving in Science Education.

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