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Baltimore in the Future Tense

What we are doing in few words:

Baltimore in the Future Tense is an effort to apply new science to the 21st Century problems of a big American city.

Viewed from the top, it is about addressing the problems of the whole Earth.

Viewed from the bottom, it is about real people bravely facing a real future.

Earth Raise from Moon

Earth Problems:

1. Divided Baltimore

In the midst of the recent civil unrest in Baltimore in the Spring of 2015, it became obvious to us that some of our new ideas can be applied to problems on Earth. Our difficulty became explaining our approach in a manner that others can comprehend.

This section is in support of the University of Baltimore community inclusive class, "Divided Baltimore". Please feel free to contact me, Tom Riley.

  1. "Baltimore's Future, New Science, New Ideas" Essay

    Laying a foundation in science for a new way to address great societal problems. A 20 page essay in the PDF format.

    1. Short explanation as Op-Ed

      Here is a short explanation of the essay in the form of an Op-Ed piece. pdf

    2. References

      Here is a master list of all the references used for this project. pdf

  2. Field of Our Future

    To predict our future, our technical people need to develop exactly what can be said about the future. Such a paper is called a Field of Our Future. Here is how to write one. pdf

  3. Education Materials Development

    Here is our effort to develop materials for the classroom. We now have a $500.00 to develop this material. pdf

  4. Short Stories

    We are building a collection of short stories that support the Field of Our Future. The first group are about renewing space exploration. We have how started a second group on addressing the great problems of the 21st Century. We now have a $200.00 budget to edit the first short story.

  5. Watson Contest

    One way to build our idea is to enter high tech contest. This one is for uses for the big Artificial Intellegence from IBM called Watson.

  6. Short Talks Text: Baltimore in the Future Tense

    The full essay is long and complex so we divided it into a series of short talks of about 7 minutes each.

    These talks are in the TED style with a few strong graphics supported by a text. Here are the scripts for each chapter in Adobe pdf. Review versions of the Videos are below. After editing, the videos will be placed on YouTube.

    1. "Chapter 1: The Big Picture" -- The foundation of our argument. pdf
    2. "Chapter 2: Brain Apps" -- Special features of our brains. pdf
    3. "Chapter 3: The Triple Whammy" -- The big problems we face. pdf
    4. "Chapter 4: Chaos" -- Two important lessons from Chaos Theory.
    5. "Chapter 5: The Field of Our Future" -- Build a Field of our Future and then write our stories. pdf
    6. "Chapter 6: Baltimore Future" -- Four solutions especially for Baltimore. pdf
    7. "Appendix A: Human/Machine Symbiosis" -- Redefining our relations ship with our machines. pdf
    8. "Appendix B: Dry California" -- Specific solutions for California. pdf
    9. "References: " -- Annotations of key sources. pdf
    10. "Author: " -- Profile of author. pdf

  7. Short Videos: Baltimore in the Future Tense

    The videos are available in MP4 and ogg.

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 1, The Big Picture

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 2, Brain Apps

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 3, Triple Whammy

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 4, Chaos

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 5, Field of Our Future

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Chapter 6, Baltimore Future

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Appendix A, Human/Machine Symbiosis

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Appendix B, Dry California

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", References

"Baltimore in the Future Tense", Author

3. Please Join our Mailing List

If you would like to be kept abreast of progress on the Big Moon Dig, or have any input, please complete our little form, or simply e-mail us.

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Thanks, Tom Riley

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